Off the Fence

I’m an incurable agnostic. I love the options I enjoy when I don’t decide. So I’ve developed the not-particularly-difficult set of skills required for chronic and determined fence-sitting.

Once in a while however there’s just no way I can justify ambivalence. In those unusual situations I’m forced Off The Fence and I have to state my unavoidable understanding of something. A former occasional squash player, I also get the meaning of “off-the-wall”, and that similar term usually applies to what I wind up saying when I do get off the fence.

So here you find opinions that aren’t about healthcare or directly engendered by reading some book or eating in a restaurant.  Let me know what you think…

Alcohol December 2019
The Art Gallery Experience December 2014.
Electronic Reading  November 2014.
“Politics” August 2015.
Referring to Itself. September 2015.
Noisy Restaurants. July 2018.
Bad Language. July 2018.

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