Off the Fence

I’m an incurable agnostic. I love the options I enjoy when I don’t decide. So I’ve developed the not-particularly-difficult set of skills required for chronic and determined fence-sitting.

Once in a while however there’s just no way I can justify ambivalence. In those unusual situations I’m forced Off The Fence and I have to state my unavoidable understanding of something. A former occasional squash player, I also get the meaning of “off-the-wall”, and that similar term usually applies to what I wind up saying when I do get off the fence.

So here you find opinions that aren’t about healthcare or directly engendered by reading some book or eating in a restaurant.  Let me know what you think…

The Art Gallery Experience December 2014.
Electronic Reading  November 2014.
“Politics” August 2015.
Referring to Itself. September 2015

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