Wrong. David Friedman.

Friedman, David. Wrong: Why Experts Keep Failing Us — and How to Know When Not to Trust Them. Little, Brown New York 2010. N; December 2010.

This guy contacted me by e-mail having run across sunshiners.ca. Obviously we agree about some things, and a big part of his (I’d say poorly-organized) book involves health care and why published information doesn’t lead to anything worthwhile, and may be flat out wrong. Friedman has also written an Atlantic article about John Ioannidis, the mathematician physician who famously agrees. 6.8

About John Sloan

John Sloan is a senior academic physician in the Department of Family Practice at the University of British Columbia, and has spent most of his 40 years' practice caring for the frail elderly in Vancouver. He is the author of "A Bitter Pill: How the Medical System is Failing the Elderly", published in 2009 by Greystone Books. His innovative primary care practice for the frail elderly has been adopted by Vancouver Coastal Health and is expanding. Dr. Sloan lectures throughout North America on care of the elderly.
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